Is The adidas Predator 18+ A Real Predator?

adidas Predator 18+

When adidas announced the reintroduction of the fabled Predator silo a week ago, it was met with a huge wave of excitement. Upon its arrival, the usual “is this really a Predator?” sentiments were shared vast and wide from fans still craving “old-school.”

Lets be honest for a second; the Predator silo and its vast player fan club are a tough bunch to figure out. They want the next big thing, yet they still want the Predator to hold onto its original core values. Yes, the original versions of the boot have stood the test of time in theory, with many fans still calling for them to be released as they were. But in reality they really don’t hold up against modern-day releases that embrace new materials and manufacturing techniques. If adidas were to release the original versions, players would be ecstatic until the boots actually arrived in hand. Then the reality of a +10oz boot with stiff leather upper and large rubber Predator elements would kick in. They were a completely different type of boot created in a different era of boot technology.

adidas Predator 18+ Fit

adidas Predator 18+ Predator Element

So, what does the adidas Predator 18+ have on offer and does it match what you’d expect from the silo? My answer is a definite YES. What is it that has continually fueled the Predator range? Answer: innovation. Creating designs that think outside the box and take advantage of Predator angles has been the repeated theme of the series. This boot is no different. Just look at the Controlskin upper, with plenty of raised texturing through the forefoot. It is not your typical added rubber element to enhance power while striking the ball. Instead, the material is grafted in a tiered design, providing additional control via a very flexible feeling material. It works and provides players with a different type of feel on the ball.

it might not be the popular answer, and this release doesn’t qualify as being power specific like older models. But, when you consider the characteristics of a standard Predator with what these bring to the table, they easily qualify. My advice; don’t get hung up on what you expect from the past, instead embrace the innovative traits associated with this new type of Predator.

Next step in the journey with this Predator is to test and complete a comprehensive review on. That is already in the works, and should be available soon. If you have any questions you’d like answered on the Predator 18+, leave them in the comments below!

adidas Predator 18+ and Telstar18


adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility Review

Laced Up: adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility Review

Nemesis can be defined as “an inescapable agent of someone’s downfall.” It’s a strong definition of a boot that disrupts with equal strength. So, will the adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility be the downfall for adidas or their competitors? We laced up to see what it’s all about.

With the launch of the X 17+ Purespeed, we wondered whether the revolution had switched on cruise control, as the changes were fairly minimal from the previous generation. However, the Nemeziz has shown us to remain on our toes and expect the unexpected, for the revolution is still in full flow. Throwing laces out the window for the second time, it’s impressive that the Three Stripes have been able to take another laceless boot and present it in an entirely unique way.


The Nemeziz has replaced the MESSI 16+ PureAgility silo; a boot that didn’t set the bar spectacularly sky high for the Nemeziz. However, there’s certainly a reason why people tell you to never judge a book by its cover. From the cut of the ankle all the way to the surprisingly soft AgilityKnit in the front of the boot, there’s a wealth of ingenuity on display that, if it can all come together to form a competent package, could be a show stopper.

Where to start?

The biggest talking points have to be the ankle cut and AgilityKnit. The ankle cut will be a major focus later, but visually we can’t quite decide how it fits in with the collared boots already on the market. When you hold it in your hands, it doesn’t appear to really be anything other than a low-cut boot that, despite the angle of how its shaped, will sit similarly to a standard boot. However, once you actually slip them on, it sits closer to a mid-cut boot in terms of where the parts of the boot sit around your ankle. The bottom of the V-style cut sits around where classic ankle cut boots would be, but the angled heel and front of the cut sit a bit higher on your foot than boots from the pre-collar generation.

The AgilityKnit starts right below the Nemeziz branding on the forefoot of the upper, and is also included in the bottom part of the heel. It gives the boot a very interesting texture when you are first examining them. You can immediately see the medical bandage inspiration when you get a closer look at the boot, as it truly does look like adidas took a dozen medical bandages and pieced them together for the boot.


A medical bandage that boasts about its comfort? Can the Nemeziz make that happen?

As we’ve said before, comfort is no longer judged by how the boot feels after a few sessions, but how the boot feels and performs as soon as it’s on your foot. The Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility might look like it’s going to be super-thin across the entirety of the upper, but every single area of the boot (minus the stretchy area where the tongue would be and about two centimetres around the heel of the ankle cut) has been covered by an extremely nice level of padding. It feels similar in thickness and comfort to what we saw on the X 16+ and 17+ silos. All of this means that the Nemeziz 17+ feels great out of the box, and as the AgilityKnit in the forefoot starts to really soften with wear, only improves as the life of the boot goes on.

When you first slip the shoe on, you’ll notice that the area around the ankle, where the tongue/laces would normally be, aren’t covered with a thin plastic layer and that’s to allow it to stretch and form to your foot without the aid of laces and give it a great fit. The rest of the boot has a thin layer of plastic coating to make sure that the boot doesn’t overstretch. It’s very evident that two Purecontrol releases have helped adidas be able to understand what a laceless boot needs in order for the first Nemeziz release to be extremely impressive.

It all sits on top of the entire new, but not really very new at all TorsionFrame outsole (new name, but it looks like soleplates we’ve seen before from adidas), and we didn’t feel any hotspots or discomfort from this type of underfoot build. The studs remind us of what Nike gave us on the CTR 360 III with the studs being semi-circles… a hearty blend of conical and blades. Given everything that fits together on the Nemeziz, it seems to fit true to size.


Is the Nemeziz 17+ difficult to slip onto your feet?

The PureControl needed a shoehorn in the box and a fair bit of trial and error before you were able to slip the boot on quickly. The Nemeziz is actually very simple to slip on, and it might actually be a bit easier to get on than most of the laceless boots on the market right now. The area where the tongue and laces should be has been left very stretchy by adidas by not adding the light plastic coating that aids durability and helps keep the boot from overstretching, and this helps you slip your foot in without an instruction manual or a team of doctors on standby. It does make you worry about the lockdown that the boot will be able to provide once you start running about, but it’s a system that quickly removed one of our fear. The other interesting factor from the stretchy area is that this boot might be the first laceless option that wider footed players will actually be able to enjoy. It’s actually impressive how the Nemeziz can offer a premium fit for players that sport narrow feet all the way to those players carrying a few years of fish and chips in their stompers.

You’ll actually find that the stretchy bandage material is 100% of the fit for the boot. The slight plastic coating on the rest of the boot doesn’t really offer structure like we’d see on the Purecontrol, but just helps give the boot shape. An impressive upper from adidas, for sure.

 How does it feel when it matters most? On the pitch.

The first thing that stands out once you get these boots on the ball is that the PureControl might actually be the thinnest boot that adidas has on the market. The Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility might look like a collection of bandages across your foot, but the padding that adidas has placed all over the upper makes sure that every moment on the ball feels extremely supple. It’s always a bit of a tightrope walk to make sure that a boot can accommodate the type of padding necessary for ultimate comfort while being able to make sure that your touch on the ball isn’t hindered, but adidas ensure the Nemeziz excels with the ball feel at your feet. The AgilityKnit in the forefoot is fun out of the box, but dribbling at speed with the material only gets better with each use. After a few games the Nemeziz has gotten to a level of soft that we typically reserve only for our bedding choices. It’s definitely a dribbler’s dream, and a boot that both Messi and Firmino feel more and more appropriate as the faces of the campaign with each successive use.

The padding, fit, and laceless nature of the boot makes you want to immediately start making quick cuts and intricate flicks, simply because the boot has such a snug feel. This is the one slight downfall of the adidas road to no laces, as there’s still a slight bit of issue with lockdown when you plant a foot and attempt to push off in the opposite direction. Because of how stretchy adidas have made the top of the boot in order to accommodate the fit and the ease of putting the boot on, this area will stretch just a bit whenever you plant and push off. After quite a bit of testing, it never meant that this area overstretched and caused the boot to feel loose, but it’s certainly something that the laceless boots from the Three Stripes have a bit of a struggle with.


Striking the ball is a bit different if you catch it where the laces of the boot normally would be, as this part of the boot is definitely the thinnest. It helps it feel like the ball absolutely pings off of your foot, but don’t expect any padding to prevent the sting of a 30 yard rip or getting stood on. If you’ve ever taken shots with an older F50, an evoSpeed, or a Vapor, then this won’t feel incredibly new to your sensibilities. We’ve come to enjoy this type of feel when striking the ball, as you always get a clean strike and you know that the strike is determined by your technique and not some type of shooting element.

Despite loving the dribbling aspect of the Nemeziz, it’s the way that the padding aids passing which might actually be our favourite feature. Considering how Messi and Firmino are no stranger to the assist or perfectly weighted ball to a teammate, it makes it seem like adidas did quite a bit of homework before this boot hit the market. With padding on the instep and across most of the boot, receiving passes, bringing down balls out of the air, or passing the ball feels incredible with the Nemeziz. The Nemeziz blends well with your style of play to make sure that you can calm the rocket pass and then unleash either a pass or beautiful shot in the tightest of spaces.

While the TorsionFrame might not look totally different from things we’ve seen from adidas in the past, it feels like it was a perfect match for the Nemeziz. The boot offers the right amount of flex to zip in and out of cuts and turns without feeling dragged down or caught in the ground. Don’t look for the external heel counter of the SprintFrame on the Nemeziz, as adidas have taken the counter inside the heel to help make sure that your heel feels locked in without having to tighten up laces.


The last thing to talk about has to be that odd ankle cut that the Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility sports. We’re going to put your fears away quickly by saying that there aren’t any negatives to report. The elasticated nature of the edges (especially the front portion) makes sure that you don’t get any hot spots and that it feels natural on your foot. There are even some slight silicone additions around the stretchy area of the forefoot to help grip your foot in order to prevent the boot sliding around. You will notice that the front portion does sit a little bit higher on your foot than you might be used to, but the stretchy nature of this material means that it doesn’t cause discomfort or any type of negative sensation.  The heel is also sufficiently padded to avoid it causing any true issues throughout wear. It was a risky move by the Three Stripes, but it seems to have paid off.

As 2017 now rolls on from the halfway point, it’s tough to see the Achilles heel from adidas. The Nemeziz now sits aside two very strong silos that offer very different sensations on the ball while still all being top quality options for the player looking for that little bit extra from their footwear.


There’s nothing about this boot that is conventional. It even found a way to give us a unique ankle cut when we thought that you either had a collar, or you didn’t. We’re still not sure what to call what the Nemeziz has; to take an idea that’s been around as long as medical bandages have and turn it into something this impressive shows a level of ingenuity that the market demands for every new release.

Nike Tiempo Legend VII – Boot Review

Nike Tiempo Legend VII Pitch Dark

When it comes to comfort and touch on the ball, the Tiempo Legend series has always been a true leader. In keeping with that tradition, Nike has unleashed the seventh generation by combining heritage styling with advanced tech specs. This could be the most advanced Legend to date, with an emphasis on durability and the overall structure of the boot. For example, Fit-Mesh is introduced for the first time and woven across the upper to act like a Chinese finger trap. The more pressure you apply, the tighter it holds.

Given the extensive push Nike has made on the market through their release, we made sure to push them through their paces to find out what exactly they have on offer. And to see if durability has been improved!

Breaking In and Comfort

Because of the nature of the boots design – more on that below – they are intended to fit very tight from first wear. I took them right out of the box and into a game with no problems. The upper is supple enough to move in unison with your foot and adjust as you make your debut with them, while underfoot the soleplate has a lot of natural flex, specifically right under the big toe ball joint. If you get the fit right and they are not too snug, I don’t see anyone having an issue through the break in period.

Nike Tiempo Legend VII Leather

Tiempo Legend 7

Pitch Dark Design

Who doesn’t love a boot that features black, white and a touch of midas gold detailing? Nike has created a very elegant design on the Pitch Dark Tiempo, keeping it ever so classy with the black k-leather upper, but decking the design out with some clever touches. Like for example around the heel, where a mix of heather grey and black mimic the appearance of knit. It is a subtle move that adds extra dimension to the design. And the use of gold to outline the signature Nike swoosh takes things up a notch!

Fit and Comfort

One of the first things you will notice about the Tiempo VII is the highly defined upper and the fact there is not a single stitch used through the strike zone. This all plays out to improve the overall fit and feel, with Nike leveraging a sort of 4 tier system.

  1. Nike uses a soft, seamless k-leather throughout the forefoot. This is the top layer and the first level between boot and ball.
  2. The leather is fused with a thin foam, this adds a little extra cushion and strength to the upper material.
  3. Fit-Mesh, which makes its debut inside the Tiempo Legend 7, acts as a floating lining attached to the raised biteline of the boot, not the leather. It helps contain your foot so the leather doesn’t have to.
  4. Nike Flyknit through the midfoot and tongue encases Flywire and helps provide cushioned coverage atop the foot.
  5. The plush feel of the Tiempo Legend 7 extends all the way to the heel, where cushioned, articulated pods hug the foot in place.

Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Ankle and Tongue

Nike Tiempo Legend 7 K-leather Upper

Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Lacing

Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Side Profile


Ok, so with all the tech specs out of the way – as per above – how do they actually perform? Well, I’m a big fan of what they have to offer overall. First, the k-leather upper feels great. With the Fit-Mesh in play underneath, it doesn’t have that buttery soft feel like you’d expect a k-leather to offer, but it is still soft enough to provide soft touch in play. One of the things Nike looked to do with this released was enhance the durability of the material, and the current design seems to have addressed any concerns. What you now get is a mix of clean touch and extra definition for enhanced feel on the ball. They have an almost CTR360 feel about them, where the extra padding along the upper provides an extra dynamic as you come into contact with the ball. That could be first touch, where there is a dampening effect, or when looking to move across the pitch with the ball close to your feet.

When it comes to striking the shots, the extra dampening also has a beneficial effect, even if it is minimal. I actually found that you were able to control shots and add a little extra spin where needed. The extra definition allows the boot to wrap around the ball and connect with extra grip.

Underfoot, they are 22% lighter than its predecessor, all related to the new Hyperstability soleplate. The plate features a mixture of jagged conical studs, chevrons, and blades. As with all Nike boots, the precise traction pattern was refined through Finite Element Analysis (FEA). We are at the stage where brands will use the same tech talk when it comes to traction across all their boots, no matter the configuration they put into play. Basically, all you need to know is that they felt equally good on FG and Turf surfaces. The system can be used on both, and I personally enjoyed the traction I experienced while wearing them. In general, a conical shaped stud is going to give you the more balanced type of traction without trapping or dragging in the surface.

Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Soleplate

Nike Tiempo Hyperstability Soleplate

How do they Fit?

So, how do they actually feel on foot? This is definitely a snug fitting boot, with all of the materials locking in to create an “as one” connection with your foot. From the design of the tongue, to the ability to tighten the Flywire lacing, they are extremely adaptive through wear. You can definitely dictate how tight they fit around your foot, but unfortunately you can’t really go the other way like you would in boots with a detached tongue. From the first time you try to put them on – use the stretch in the tongue to help open the ankle slot –  they should be pretty tight, they are designed to be. I found that they fit my medium/wide foot very well, with enough flex through the upper to keep things comfortable. In terms of length, they are very much true to size.

If you wore the Tiempo Legend 6 and are wondering how they compare fit wise, everything about them is very similar. Whatever size you were comfortable wearing in the Legend 6, you will also wear in the Legend 7.


For Tiempo fans, the key talking point on this one will be durability, and how they hold up over time. This was an area where the previous version of the boot fell short, something Nike were well aware of. Immediately, there is a more dependable feel about the design, with the upper having a more rugged construction. Plus the lip around the tip of the boot sits slightly higher and tighter against the k-leather upper. Through testing, we have had no issues and we are actually continuing to wear them just to see how long they last. If we have any further updates we will add them here, and I’m sure we will receive some reader feedback in the near future!

Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Heel Design

Who are these intended for?

As is the case with all boots in the Tiempo Legend series, these are created with comfort and touch in mind. So, we are talking about players that like to get on the ball, take the ball into space and lay off clean passes. Think of players that like to stamp their authority on the game without being overly flashy. They have quickly become a favorite of defenders; Sergio Ramos, Gerard Piqué, Eric Bailly and Thiago Silva all currently wear them. But they also have a huge presence among midfielders that want to impress in a very simple fashion.

Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Performance

Critics Notes

As far as boots go, this is one of the more uncomplicated on the market. Nike has upped the tech specs, but they still provide a very natural level of performance and that gives them their own unique position. I pretty much enjoyed everything about them, so there isn’t too much to discuss in the way of problematic areas. If you decide to get a pair, just enjoy them!

Kevin Mirallas Signs With New Balance

Kevin Mirallas and New Balance

New Balance extended their line-up of players with the signature of Kevin Mirallas this past weekend. The Everton winger fits the brands marketing strategy real nicely; a household name who isn’t a superstar, yet has huge upside and potential.

Mirallas will wear New Balance’s Furon range of boots. Furon is engineered for those who play for the single, momentous opportunity, the one chance to decide the game and define the outcome. These players thrive under immense pressure and take their opportunity. If the ball drops to a Furon player, it’s Game Over for the opposition.

Upon completing his deal with New Balance, Kevin commented:

New Balance is making a huge impact in football and has big ambitions for the future. This is why I am delighted to be joining the exciting brand. I am already impressed with the Furon boots; they are comfortable, look great and will help elevate my game.

New Balance Furon Kevin Mirallas


The Perfect Deal On New Boots This Weekend

Weekend Boot Sale

For those considering picking up a new pair of boots this weekend, there is a deal available that gets you an extra 15% off at The code is good on any footwear purchase over $99 and runs through midnight on 8/22, Monday night.

To get the deal, make sure to add code 16SAVING in the “Promo Code” box during checkout at

As an example, if you’ve been considering picking up a pair of the highly sought after NJR X Jordan Hypervenom, the code helps drop the price from $325 to $276. Considering there are a limited number of pairs available, that is a pretty good deal!

Hypervenom Phantom NJR

Nike “Elite Pack” Released

Nike Elite Pack

With the new season underway, Nike Soccer has introduced their latest set of boots in the form of the Elite Pack. For the first time, all four of Nike’s latest released Soccer silos — Magista, Mercurial, Hypervenom and Tiempo — are represented in one pack, along with a request from players to “Join The Elite.”

Each pair features a primary Grey or almost Silver base that is highlighted by accents of sea foam green, volt and hints of teal. The hit of Volt, in particular, really creates a visual popping effect that is sure to stand out under night lights.


Mercurial Superfly V

The 5th installment in the Superfly series is built as a total speed system. One of the key features of the Superfly V is how all of the materials interlock to produce the most efficient package possible. A dynamic mid-cut collar secures foot to ankle, while the upper is a textured Flyknit material, with horizontal style speed ribs running across the upper for extra definition on the ball. They are also highlighted by a new plate mapped to the natural contours of the foot. Additionally, the boot’s soleplate is 40% lighter than the carbon fiber plate it replaces, yet it is stronger and more responsive.

Category: Speed
Weight: 6.8oz
Price: $299.99

Also available: Mercurial Vapor XI, Veloce III


Magista Obra 2

The latest boot released by Nike is highlighted by a unique heat map design. Nike has placed a focus on sensory amplification through feel, for improved creativity, placing a high level of texture across the upper material. Outside the boot, the material feels unusually rigid. But, when you place your foot inside it is a completely different story. They are very soft and plenty pliable, with lots of space to maneuver your foot around in natural fashion. One huge improvement comes in the form of the mid cut collar, which has a wider fit with a different cut around the angle.

Category: Control
Weight: 7.2oz
Price: $299.99

Also available: Magista Opus II, Onda II


Hypervenom Phantom 2

A boot designed for stoppable agility, engineered for precision striking and playmaking. The NikeSkin upper offers a barefoot style feel on the ball, are considered to be a decent option for players who have a wider foot, and most importantly have a very short breaking in time. All positives! Across the upper, Nike also use Flywire to keep the boots shape, so they are snug through the midfoot. Underfoot, the split-toe design and agility traction pattern combined unleash a quick response for sudden changes of direction.

Category: Agility
Weight: 7.4oz
Price: $274.99

Also available: Hypervenom Phinish II, Phatal II


Tiempo Legend 6

Nike use a leather upper across the Tiempo Legend forefoot, providing an extremely clean touch on the ball. Two cross layers of stitching placed along the fold lines of the forefoot provide natural movement in the material as you flex. Underneath the upper, a structural support cage is put in place and this adds a defining feature to the boot. You get a lot more definition thanks to a lattice style construction along the instep and a V like appearance direction down towards the toes.

Category: Heritage
Weight: 8.4oz
Price: $209.99

Also available: Tiempo Legacy II

Nike Magista Obra 2 – Boot Review

Nike Magista Obra 2 Review

When they were released to market, the original Nike Magista Obra provided players with a completely new type of performance not experienced before. With the introduction of the Magista 2 and the “evolution of touch and traction”, they have continued to push boundaries and taken the intro design to another level. The Magista looks to be the boot that sets the way for other Nike releases, taking on never before seen performance elements that set them apart and make them a leader.

From the visual design to the updated collar fit, there is a lot to cover here, and I’m sure you all want to know just how they compare to other boots on the market. Are they best Nike mid-cut collar boot released to date? Yes would be the answer to that; but you’ll need to read below to find out just why.

Initial Reaction

Visually, these boots are crazy, and it does take a minute to figure them out. In fact, you kind of need the back story to comprehend why they are designed the way they are. A concern I’ve continually had with Nike mid-cut collar boots is the feel through the Achilles. Nike say they have addressed it on this release, so I’m very interested to see how that plays out in-game.

Nike Magista Obra 2 On Feet

Breaking In and Comfort

When you take them out of the box, the first thing you will notice is how textured the upper is, with that texture holding a pretty firm stance under your fingers. In other words, it is not very soft. Naturally, that seemed like a legit concern before testing them. Any stiffness in a material usually means less natural feel on the ball, when it matters most.

BUT, that absolutely is not the case whatsoever. Once you slip your feet into the boots, the experience is totally different. The inside is decked out with a plush layer of soft material that molds perfectly across your forefoot. You can feel a layer of cushion between this material and the actual outside coating. As you begin to move your foot, the entire structure naturally contours and sways with your motions. Basically, the tipped ridges across the outer coating are a little more rigid, but in between – the basic layer on top of the forefoot – has much more natural flow and a fundamentally sound stretch. Once you get to experience them in person, you will understand this a little more but I want you guys to understand the actual feel to the touch doesn’t manifest itself into the actual feel when performing.

With the radical design changes in the boot, I figured it was a better idea to steadily break the boot in. So I didn’t take them out of the box and into a game. Right throughout, I didn’t encounter any comfort issues so in reality I was being a little cautious starting out. In saying that, I’d have no problem stating that this is a boot you can wear in-game from first wear should you need to, pending the fit feels right when you slip them on for the first time.

Nike Magista Obra 2 Upper Texture

Heat Map Design

Lets hit on one of the most glaring pieces of the boot right off the bat; the heat map visual design. Nike tackled the concept of “sensory amplification through feel.” Basically what that means is they were looking to find the areas of the foot most sensitive to touch and mapped them against high-touch zones. The end result is peaks and troughs along different parts of the upper, depending on how much cushion is needed in that region at key moments.

The areas with deeper shades of red are the areas where padding is thickest. This would be through the instep and along the outstep where players tend to look to bend balls to the outside. This makes complete sense and almost follows the logic of the adidas Predator LZ series. It is a similar concept implemented in a different fashion.

Touch, Control, Striking Performance

Let me just skip right to the conclusion of this section; this is the best boot for striking a shot to hit the market since the Nike T90 Laser series was retired; they are seriously that good. You get such a natural level of feel and touch on the ball, with the benefit of an upper material that allows you to really strike behind the ball. The extra definition provides a perfect zone for catching the ball solidly without feeling the full impact. And that same definition allows for improved control on the ball, with the material “wrapping” around the ball as you connect with it. To put it another way, when the ball connects with the upper it seems to push the area around it up around the ball, sort of cupping it. An odd sensation, but these definitely rank as one of my favorite striking boots released in recent times.

I’m also a fan of the instep and its design. Since the days of the CTR360 Maestri and Umbro Geometra, I’ve become a firm believer in having an extra element added along the instep that helps you take the ball in out of the air with tight control. The extra definition there allows for more friction and basically helps the ball stick closer to you as you look to control it. And it proves useful as you look to play solid short passes along the ground.

Magista Obra 2 Fit

Magista Obra 2 Ankle Cut Collar

Upgraded Mid Cut Collar

Things on the Magista are very different as Nike look to change the game up. They have gone with a more anatomically contoured Dynamic Fit Collar, designed to accommodate the shape of the ankle bone while leveraging a thicker knit structure for additional coverage. The revamped collar also dips lower on the tendon for comfort. This is something I had major issues with on other Nike collar boots, for example the recent Superfly V release. This time around, no such issues as the lowered collar provides a much more enjoyable feel with less stress on the Achilles as you look to cut and accelerate with your ankle positioned at tight angles.

Also modified is the tongue-less design, as Nike placed some additional light padding under the laces for coverage in what is a high contact area. As stated above, these are one of the best boots for striking a ball that I’ve worn in a while. So, although the additional padding is not something I directly noticed in-game, it obviously plays a valid part.

When it comes down to it, the all important question is “are these the best mid collar boots ever released by Nike?” The answer is a simple YES. And that has a lot to do with the actual shape and fit of the collar around the ankle and down through the foot. it is just so much more naturally effective.

Magista Obra 2 Traction Soleplate

Soleplate and Traction

An area where Nike saw major room for improvement with the Magista series is in the soleplate and traction system. The first thing they did was trim down the materials used, making this new version 37% lighter than its predecessor. They then took data from the Nike Research Lab to help them create a new rotational traction system. Rather than individual stud performance, the new design interacts as one system. A mix of half conical studs (traction when accelerating) and Chevron (stable grip in all directions)   work in unison to provide stability through dynamic movements.

In reality, it plays out real nicely with no issues. When it comes to soleplates, your checklist should be pretty simple; something that you feel secure in, doesn’t cause drag on surfaces and keeps you stable through play. I had the opportunity to wear them on FG and AG, both with positive results. They are obviously best suited to FG, but I’ve no qualms about recommending them for use on newer AG.

Nike Magista 2 Tech featured

Nike Magista 2 Design Process

How do they Fit?

This is a spacious boot, with a very accommodating fit through the forefoot. The original Magista was very similar, and it quickly became a fan favorite for players in need of a wider fit. They are definitely the widest through the forefoot of all Nike boots right now. Length wise they are very much true to size. If you have worn the Magista, they are very similar and for adidas players, the PURECONTROL would be the closest boot to compare the fit to.

If you have questions about the collar, I’ve included details about that in its own section above!

Critics Notes

One of the challenges to owning boots like these is that they are not very breathable. In game, that means your foot is a little hotter, and they are very difficult to air-out after play. And you know what that means; smelly boots! I’ve worn many mid-cut collar boots and I’m very particular about taking care of my boots. But, these took on their own unique scent, the type of scent you don’t want to have in anything you wear. Why that is, I’m not too sure but if you own a pair you need to make sure they air dry IMMEDIATELY after every wear.

Magista Obra 2 In Play