adidas Release Limited Edition Update of 99g – World’s Lightest Boot

adizero 99 gram boot

Remember the incredible adidas adizero 99g that were released last year? Well, the second edition of the world’s lightest boot was revealed today, limited to just 299 pairs. And in case your were wondering, 99g equals 3.5oz!

At around half the weight of a regular boot, the adizero 99g boot features a 1mm polyamide outsole, designed to reduce weight whilst maintaining the rigidity to perform at the highest level, and advanced lightweight one-layer PU mesh-based upper material. The boot also features a skeleton inner-construction to maintain stability and support, whilst a unique stud layout ensures fastest possible movements in all directions

adidas adiZero 99g Upper

adidas adiZero 99g Soleplate

adidas adiZero 99g 299 pairs

One thing that makes this release a little extra special is the fact it continues to extend the life of the adiZero series, adidas signature range designed for speed. A concern that some might have with this lightweight speed release is durability, but adidas assures us that they have been “rigorously tested for tear strength and abrasions.”




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