Up Close – Nike Magista Obra 2 “Black Pack” Reaction

Pitch Dark Nike Magista Obra 2

Just released yesterday, we were lucky enough to get our hands on one of the very first pairs of the second Nike Magista Obra 2 colorway. Swaying right across the color spectrum, this release is vastly different from the intro version. Although it looks like a Blackout, the upper actually has a lighter shade of gray that runs through the heat zone region. And finishing out the look, Nike has added a hit ofTotal Crimson to the signature swoosh.

Many of you will be looking for information on performance and sizing here, so I’ll try fill some small gaps before I post the official review. I had a chance to wear the release colorway in a game last night, and again for a training session this morning. One thing is clear; these boots already exceed any expectations I had for them. They are incredibly comfortable, from the feel of the upper to the balanced traction underfoot. And they just feel right to play in.

Nike Magista Obra 2 Black Pitch Dark

Nike Magista Obra 2 Black Upper

Pitch Dark Magista Obra 2 Textured Upper

To the touch, the upper is so incredibly textured, like a mini mountain range running across the surface of the boot. This follows the concept of sensory amplification through feel and how the Nike team 3D mapped sensitive to touch areas against high-touch zones.  You’d expect them to have a stiff feel, which they kind of do outside the boot. But inside, Nike use a soft, slightly padded material that feels great across the top of your foot.

One huge improvement comes in the form of the mid cut collar, which has a wider fit with a different cut around the angle. This has to be the route Nike takes with future releases of the Superfly and Hypervenom as it provides a much better fit and really does create an extension between leg and foot. In other words, the purpose of the mid cut collar on this release makes much more sense with a natural fit around the ankle that feels like it plays a role in performance.

Pitch Dark Magista Obra 2 Collar

Pitch Dark Magista Obra 2 Soleplate

In terms of fit, the Magista will again be seen as one of the more accommodating releases in the Nike line-up. Through the forefoot you get plenty of space and there is some stretch in the upper material. They might not fit wide-wide fitting players, but they will provide the best option for players that want to wear Nike.

Realistically, I’m blown away by what these have to offer and they are definitely the top Nike boot on the market right now. What is wild about them is that I totally get a T90 Laser feel about them when on the ball. They are definitely not a power boot, but the contoured upper allows for real ping when shooting. Odd, right? I bet you didn’t see a T90 Laser comparison attached with these. More info to come once I get the review posted.

Nike Magista Obra 2 Black Pack




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