Do adidas Know What Boots Gareth Bale is Currently Wearing?

Bale in X15

Given the role he has played in getting Wales to the knockout stages of Euro 2016, you won’t be surprised to hear there has been an upsurge in interest surrounding everything Gareth Bale does. His performance has been solid and his return of 3 goals in 3 games leaves him top of the goalscorers chart right now.

Included in that interest is info on what boots he is currently wearing. Answer: the adidas X15.1 in Black/Shock Mint/White is his boot of choice. In a world where “First Never Follows”, it might be unusual to see Bale wearing an older model boot and not something in the highly advertised PURE series (Purecontrol, Purechaos, Pureagility). That is where things get slightly more interesting as adidas just did a big feature promoting Bale’s intention to wear the X16+ PURECHAOS during Euro 2016. They have even dropped some celebratory tweets after his goals highlighting the Purechaos boots, so I’m actually not sure they actually know what he is wearing.

Don’t believe me – well, here is the video proof and you can find the tweet here.

What is going on here? To be honest, I really couldn’t care. This is simply another perfect example of a player being extremely comfortable in a boot and sticking with it as they play on the biggest stage. Bale obviously doesn’t need (or probably enjoy) the latest boot, he seems perfectly happy wearing his own version of the chaos inspired X15 boot. This is his personal choice, and one that goes against big brand marketing dollars.

Players out there should take note that the latest release is not always the best option – don’t downplay the performance of X15.1 just because they are no longer in the spotlight! And the brand should quit wasting time highlighting a boot he isn’t wearing just so more people will buy the $300 boots.

Gareth Bale Boots Up Close

While Bale has some custom modifications on his SG version of the boot to make them his own, the bare bones match the retail version. If you look at Bale’s boots, there is a white heel cup employed providing him with a more personalized fit.



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