Dimitri Payet And His “Mercurial” Boots

Dimitri Payet in Nike Superfly

The star of the show at Euro 2016 thus far has most definitely been Dimitri Payet. The French midfielder made a name for himself at West Ham last season and has cemented his place in a very solid French side thanks to some quality performances. Goals in both group games to date have him sitting pretty on top of the goal scoring charts. Not bad for a guy written off internationally a year ago!

Boot wise, he is currently wearing the Radiant Reveal version of the Nike Mercurial Superfly and they seem to be a perfect match!

Payet in Vapor Soccer Cleats

Payet In Argon Blue Vapor III

First thing to note here is that Payet has been a pretty consistently Mercurial wearer right though his career. Other than a brief stint in some T90 Lasers circa 2007, he has been loyal to Nike’s iconic speed boots. Right back in his early days with Nantes, you would have seen him wearing a pair of Mercurial Vapor III inArgon Blue (loved that colorway!)

Second, it is extremely interesting to note that he hasn’t made the decision to jump to the Mercurial Superfly V yet. I’ve said before that this latest version of the Superfly is a very complex boot, that holds a unique set of performance characteristics. They are not going to suit all players, and I have a feeling Payet doesn’t want to mess with what has obviously been working for him over the past few months, especially during one of the most important tournaments of his career. In all honesty, I wouldn’t either and I applaud his decision not to switch out just to be in the “next best thing”. It is a valuable lesson that you should always stick with comfort and what is reliable to your game!

Payet St Etienne and Boots

Payet Pink Vapor



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