Breaking Down The New Adidas Messi16 Range

Messi16+ Up Close


Adidas Messi 16+ PUREAGILITY

PUREAGILITY, this marks Adidas’ first official move into the ‘agility’ fray and what player better to represent it than the magician himself who does things which don’t seem possible? It’s also the first boot in the Messi line to feature the enhanced collar, which now means all barring 1 boot among the Big Two’s feature silo’s sport a form of collar.  The SprintFrame soleplate replaces the Gambetrax system from the Messi 15.1 to bring the Messi in line with both the X and the Ace. The upper is the party piece for me however, which is dubbed Agilityknit and is a knitted synthetic which has a honeycombesque design pattern to it. It’s an upper designed to have near instantaneous break in time and give you a barefoot feel on the ball. The PUREAGILITY also includes the PureCut sock which sits over the laces giving you a smooth strike when you decide to give it the laces.

Messi 16.1

Adidas Messi 16.1

So if the collar and PureCut sock isn’t your thing you can always go for the spiritual successor to the original Messi 15.1. With the same Agilityknit upper as the PUREAGILITY you’re going to get the same barefoot feel on the ball, however you’re also going to get a tongue which only opens on the lateral side of the boot; which is something that might not mesh with all players when on foot. However the unique tongue does give way to an off centered lacing system which allows the boot to have a larger strike zone and a cleaner medial side to shield passes with. The soleplate is the same SprintFrame as the PUREAGILITY meaning that you get the same traction and touch as the boot “the man” will be wearing.

Messi 16.2

Adidas Messi 16.2

Don’t let the nomenclature fool you, we’re now onto the “third” tier of Messi boots for the 2016 calendar, and it’s where you will find a noticeable change in the construction of the boots. The Agilityknit upper still remains, however it has been paired down to the forefoot, the remainder of the boot is constructed of a synthetic material. The soleplate also changes with the 16.2, making use of the Messi 15 series’ Gambetrax soleplate which was one of the hightlights of the Messi 15.1.

Messi 16.3

Adidas Messi 16.3

We come to the final boot in our skinny summary of the Messi silo offerings, the Messi 16.3. Right off the hop the Messi 16.3 is a boot which offers only styling similarities to the materials contained on the other boots. The upper is exclusively synthetic, although the forefoot does a slightly different styling to the rest of the upper dubbed “Agility surface”, one can expect that it is there solely for decorative purposes. The boot keeps a form of the Gambetrax soleplate although one can assume it is not to the level of the 16.2 boot. As is usual with take down models there will be a greater durability due to the materials used.


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