Puma Reveal SL Footchi Prototype – First Ever Upperless Boot

Puma SL Footchi

Puma continue to pave the way with revolutionary designs, today announced the first ever “upper-less” boot. The prototype Puma SL Footchi is designed to enhance the natural mobility and movements of the foot, harnessing a comfortable and secure soleplate as your balance point. It really was only a matter of time before we saw a brand take this direction, finding a way to remove the sockliner seen on recent adidas and Nike releases.

Weighing in at an incredible 2.0oz, these will surely be the lightest boot (or soleplate) we ever see released to market.

Puma Upperless Boot

International superstar Roy of the Rovers has been wearing these boots in recent weeks and stated that:

I love this design as it allows me to determine what colorway I’m wearing. Some people will say it is white because of my socks, but this style allows you to be more expressive. What is even more impressive is how many pairs of socks my boots have outlasting – I’m on pair 4 of socks due to red blood stains.

Should we really expect these to hit market anytime soon? I personally believe there is more testing needed before they do mass produce them. But as it stands, Puma has offered an April 1st 2017 release date!



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