Adidas Release Limited Edition Etch Ace 16.1 K-Leather

Adidas Etch Ace 16.1 Leather

White is the color of purity, and adidas has transcended the look in pretty spectacular fashion on the Ace 16.1 Etch. Added to that, they have turned it into a limited edition release and included a glorious k-leather upper to the mix. The entire upper is made of the super soft material, something we haven’t seen adidas do on many releases in recent times. This provides a super clean and supple touch on the ball, ensuring you don’t need any other gimmicks on the upper.

Adidas Ace Etch

In other to create the detailing, like the 3-stripe, adidas has carved lines out of the white upper. So, their is some definition to the upper, created solely by a cut without the need for any added color. Finishing the look, gold tips are added to the conical studs to create an element of flash as you leave defenders in your wake!

Given the direction adidas has taken with the Ace series, it is unusual to see a release like this hit the market. Don’t get me wrong, they are absolutely welcomed and ooze quality. But it seems their strategy has focused on more modern elements and technological advancements. Even if they are a limited edition release, the more like these we can squeeze out, the better – so hopefully this is a sign of things to come!

Etch Ace 16.1 Leather


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