adidas Unveils “Finale Milano” – Champions League Final Ball

adidas Finale Milano Game Time

This week, the knock-out rounds of the UEFA Champions League are set to kick-off across Europe, and adidas has unveiled Finale Milano – the Official Match Ball for the knock-out stages and final of the UEFA Champions League.

Taking inspiration from the host city, Finale Milano will be used by the likes of Messi, Bale, Benzema and Suarez to boss the competition from the Round of 16 all the way to the final. Paying homage to one of football’s greatest cities, Finale Milano is the Official Match Ball for Europe’s premier club competition. The design includes some of the city’s most iconic symbols, with the Teatro alla Scalais featuring alongside the infamous stairs of the San Siro – the setting for this year´s UEFA Champions League showdown.

adidas Finale Milano In Hand

adidas Finale Milano Play

adidas Finale Milano in the Net

The surrounding stars on the ball each have a striking design, but also contribute to the ball’s performance with the star panel design – based on the design of the UEFA Champions League logo – providing a seamless surface.

One thing that we have learned in recent seasons is that adidas know how to produce one of the best balls on the market. Ever since the debacle of the Brazuca, they have continually innovated and the end product is a ball with true flight and a vicious ping off your boot. The performance characteristics of the adidas Finale Milano are as follows:

• Outer coating texture consistent across all adidas UEFA Champions League Official Match Balls provides optimal grip.
• The thermally bonded star panel design provides a seamless surface for improved first touch.
• The adidas Finale Milano ball will be used on field during UEFA Champions League matches from February 16 up until and including the final on May 28.

adidas Finale Milano Up Close



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