Puma evoSPEED SL-S


Puma have launched the evoSPEED SL-S, offering a new, more durable upper in this festive time release.

The evoSPEED SL, which first launched last summer with a hefty price tag for a boot lasting only ten games, has received a new look and a more durable version – the evoSPEED SL-S.


The new evoSPEED SL-S shows up in a bright ‘Safety Yellow” and features a one-piece synthetic upper for increased protection and durability, yet it still weighs in light at just 150 grams.

The lightweight construction of the evoSPEED SL is now combined with a new monolayer microfiber upper material. This new soft and durable synthetic upper material further provides comfort, stability and a better feeling of the ball. The flexible yet stable SPEEDTRACK spine in the outsole enables players to perform quick turns, which is supported by the mixed stud configuration that improves players’ ability to react.


Also available as part of this launch is a new evoSPEED SL and a leather upper alternative.


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