Adidas Ace 16+ TKRZ

Adidas Ace16+ TKRZ

Labeling the Adidas Ace 16+ TKRZ as “one of the most unusual pair of soccer shoes I have ever seen” is definitely not an understatement. Rather than being a regular styled boot, these are geared toward players that aim to master tricks needed to boss the cage. Think about the best small-sided footballers that need total 360 control, truer touch and purer ball connection – we’ve never seen a boot like this before!

The fresh additions through the upper and soleplate are geared toward harnessing a different type of tactical playing approach. There is a lot going on with these.

TKRZ Skin Upper

TKRZ Skin Upper Side View

It all starts with the TKRZ Skin Upper. Adidas use what I’d describe as a combo rubber and synthetic upper design. Each region features a different profile and it doesn’t come together in a smooth fashion. There is plenty of definition right throughout, all intended to provide unique touch elements through play.

Then there is that soleplate, and it is so completely random! Flip them over and you will find 7 hot pink studs dispersed across the surface. Rather than being truly defined studs, they actually sit unexpectedly even across the entire surface. Here lies an area that becomes extremely difficult to describe in text. There are “nubs” through the soleplate that fall in line with the low height profile of the studs, reducing the individual significance of the pink studs. In terms of play, you are getting one of the most strategically defined soleplates for AG surfaces – these could be a game changer!

Adidas TKRZ Stud Configuration

Adidas TKRZ Soleplate

Toward the top of the boot, there is a layer of rubber that runs from the upper through onto the soleplate. It’s positioning is pretty self explanatory; it is there to provide an added touch component as you set your foot on the ball. So, as you stop the ball or look to roll over it, there is an extra level of grip for tight control. Again, these boots are all about quick touches and creating a type of performance that others want to emulate!

Adidas TKRZ Heel


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