New colourway – New Balance Furon

NB Furon

New Balance are sure pulling out some excellent colorways in the Furon series. Following up on the recently released Blackout version of the boot, NB has added a touch of flair with some Impulse Orange detailing through the boot.

The boots are designed for players who ‘Take Chances’ on the pitch. Valencia CF striker Álvaro Negredo and Manchester City midfielder Jesús Navas will be the first to debut this sleek look over the coming weeks. Built for speed and agility, the Furon boots looks to enhance these physical attributes. This is captured by theHigh-Energy Return Upper for explosive release velocity and a stiffened soleplate for exceptional energy return and unparalleled acceleration. Also built into the boot is the ultra-directional stud design for unrivaled straight-line speed.

New Balance Furon Black Impulse

The new Furon boot colourways are available to pre-order now at, and will be on sale globally from 26th November 2015.

Furon Black Impulse Lace

Furon Black Impulse Insole

Furon Black Impulse Heel



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