Top Boot Options for the Small Sided Soccer Season

Mercurial X Proximo plus X Finale

Nike Mercurial X Proximo

If there’s a boot which started off the revolution of the big brands taking indoor seriously that honour goes to the Nike Mercurial X Proximo, although, back in the day when the revolution began, it was known as the Nike Elastico Superfly. The updated model has taken more stylistic cues from the 11 a-side Mercurial Vapor Superfly, but the boot is still very much indoor specific, while Nike are continuing to promote their mid-cut collar as speed friendly, both Bryan and myself have noted that it’s definitely built with the playmaker in mind as opposed to the speed demon. That said the boot which features a Flyknit upper and a generous application of NikeSkin, especially in the control areas is perhaps the top performing boot on the indoor market today. Which you would definitely expect with a price of $149.99.

If you’d rather dispense with the mid-cut collar but want a boot in the vein of the Mercurial series you can of course get yourself the Mercurial X Finale which retails for $89.99.

X15+ Primeknit IN

Adidas X 15.1 Primeknit CT

With the X and the Ace, Adidas flipped the boot world on it’s proverbial head; so is it really any surprise that Adidas are taking a serious look at the indoor game? It about time they did in my opinion. Until now Adidas’ foray’s into the indoor game were limited to one really good boot and a lot of dross. This is why it’s nice to see the three stripes offering up a quasi limited release boot with the X 15.1 Primeknit CT. Featuring the same Primeknit upper as the recently released (and also quasi limited) X 15.1 and Ace Primeknit boots. It’s also an evolution on the Primeknit Boost which while one of the gaffers go to indoor boots resembled a trainer a bit more than it did a serious indoor boot.

While we haven’t seen the Primeknit CT around these parts it’s definitely a boot to be on the look out for and a boot which I’d love to get my hands on and put through its paces. While the $149.99 price point might be a sticking point for some, especially given Adidas’ only recently acquired focus on the indoor game.

Magista X Proximo

Nike Magista X Proximo/Finale

The second silo to receive the SCCRX treatment from Nike. The Magista is all about playmaking so it suits the small sided game down to the ground. The Proximo is a boot based on the Magista Obra featuring the the same Flyknit upper with NikeSkin coating and dynamic fit collar. The indoor version of the boot also features Lunarlon in the mid-sole providing a comfortable ride on hard court surfaces.

Whereas the Proximo is designed to pretty much mimic the qualities of the Magista Obra, the Magista X Finale is a different boot entirely to the Magista Opus. The Finale features a primarily synthetic upper with a calf skin leather coating over the forefoot to provide a soft touch on the ball. The mid-sole of the boot also features the same Lunarlon technology as the Proximo. Given that players often tend to be much more budget conscious with their indoor boots I’m anticipating that the Finale will be one of the more popular new indoor releases this season, as they retail for a cool $99.99 in comparison to the Proximo’s $149.99 price tag.

Mundial-Team TF

Adidas Mundial Team

With the exception of the X 15.1 Primeknit all the other boots offer options for those who play their indoor game on turf. However, if you’re playing indoor on turf and you’re looking for a turf specific boot your best option is to turn back the clock to a simpler time, when leather ruled the roost! Despite the 12.7oz weight which in today’s day and age might be a little off putting, but there’s no accounting for the class touch on the ball offered by the super supple K-Leather upper of the Mundial Team. It’s a boot designed to offer both comfort and performance and it has been doing so for about as long as I can remember.

If having a K-Leather indoor boot isn’t enough for you to look into the Mundial Team, keep in mind you’re getting a boot with a similar build quality to the Copa Mundial, so it’ll definitely stand the test of time; and when you consider the Copa runs at $149.99, then a boot of the Mundial Team’s quality is a bargain at $94.99.


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