Is this the Adidas Ace16?

Adidas Ace16 FG AG

Earlier this summer when the Adidas Ace15.1 was introduced to the market, we were told that the 2016 edition of the boot was already developed and through testing. Then, this image popped up online today, coming directly from the Spring/Summer adidas catalog.

Is this the Adidas Ace16.1 that is set for release early next year? The official release date looks set to be February 2016, with this version featuring some intricate modifications. The upper design features a less complex color pattern, with a primary Solar Greenencompassing the striking region. Then along the side of the boot, Adidas seem to have enhanced the texture further into the heel. Underfoot, the design has also been changed on the 16.1, with that wild array of base studs altered to a much more simple design. What currently sits under the hood of the 15.1 becomes a mainstay part of the 16.2!

It is an interesting design that I believe will elevate the control boot in a completely new direction. But what do you guys think? Is this a look that would tempt you into testing a pair of the Ace16.1? Let us know below.

adidas 16.1


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