Adidas F50 adiZero “Kickasso Heaven”, Saying Goodbye to a Legendary Boot

kickasso adidas F50 adiZero heaven

We are no strangers to the awesome custom boot designs of Kickasso. He is back with another super limited edition boot set to “celebrate” the end of the adidas f50 adiZero series. And these boots are pretty glorious. Listed with the tagline “All Good Things Go To Heaven”, these boots are set to be received with applause at the pearly gates. What a boot the f50 adiZero has been and there is no doubt that many of you feel the same pain as we do with its retirement.

Like everything Kickasso, there are only 7 pairs of the f50 adiZero Heaven available, only from WorldSoccerShop. If you want a pair, there is absolutely no hanging around when they are released later this morning. (*UPDATE: They are now Sold Out)

kickasso heaven custom f50

Featuring a sky blue base on what is the No Dye version of the f50, Kickasso adds his personal style via glorious golden angel wings across the forefoot. The cleats are signed and numbered on the lateral side, so you know exactly which pair you have.

With many stores selling out of all f50 pairs, it also presents the last opportunity to secure a very special pair. Should you be one of the lucky 7, please let us know and hit us up with some images once they arrive!

Again, they are released this morning, so keep your eyes peeled to WorldSoccerShop.

Kickasso Heaven


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