Lightning Storm – Sparking A Move in the Magista Obra!

Magista Obra Lightning Storm

Over the past year, Nike has stepped up their social media efforts with exclusive accounts for each their top range boots. It has proven to be a huge success! Take for example theMagista Obra page, which we are highlighting here. The Lightning Storm version of the boot, in Turquoise Blue, has been featured in several close-up shots recently. Adding in game images really highlights the boot and makes it much easier to understand what each specific colorway is all about. Sometimes seeing them with the backdrop of a game can really differentiate and set them apart!

Then there is also the text that goes along with each image – pieced together, it creates a modern day piece of poetry! Check out the combined verbage and images below.

Lightning Storm Magista Obra in Action

Spark a move to set the game alight. Step up and be the conductor. Lace up to allover control. 3D texture to control the ball and control the game. Razor sharp execution to shock the opposition. Ready to flood the pitch with creativity.

Designed for the playmaker who creates opportunities anywhere on the field to control the game. The upper combines three technologies—Flyknit, NikeSkin and All Conditions Control (ACC)—to bring your foot closer to the ball for an almost barefoot touch in dry or wet conditions. For consistent control, the allover 3-D texture creates friction with the ball wherever it makes contact.

Magista Obra Turquoise Heel

Turquoise Blue Magista Obra


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