Puma evoPOWER “Flags and Fireworks” Kickasso Edition

Kickasso evoPOWER

Right in time for the 4th of July, the folks at soccer.com have released a brand new collaboration with renowned artist Kickasso, and this one is very American!

Underneath the paint, Kickasso has used a pair of Puma evoPOWER 1.2 and what we deem to be this White Leather version. The color hit inside the heel and the stitching across the forefoot are the indicators. It is the perfect base to be able to add a hand-painted graphic design that represents America on the 4th of July. You get his reflected flag pattern featuring red, white and blue, and some stars to complete the forefoot. Along the heel, a multi color pattern is sprayed on to add the finished “Flags and Fireworks” effect.

evoPower 1.2 Kickasso Flags and Fireworks

As usual, this is an extremely limited edition release with only 4 sizes available (and most likely 4 pairs). As of posting, all 4 were available in sizes of 9 through 10.5US with a $419.99 price tag, or $377.99 if you are a Goal Club member. Pretty hefty but very cheap if you are a Kickasso fan and want a one off piece that no one else has.

Find them right now at Soccer.com.


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