Best Boot Options for Players With Wide Feet

Hypervenom Wide Fit

It has been a while (in fact far too long) so we have updated a list of the best fitting boots for players that need some extra width. It is one of the most common questions we receive and it is one that can lead to frustration as players struggle to find a boot suitable for their wider foot shape.

The following is an updated list of suggestions based off of my experience that should give you a solid starting point to find the tight boot. We are talking general release boots here, so just the ones that are readily available for retail. This does not cover custom order wide fits that exceed EE.

Nike Magista Traction

Nike Magista Obra

Category: Agility
Price: $274.99

When it comes to the Obra, the real benefit is the Flyknit upper that has a sock-like stretch as you wear them. For players with a wider fit, that means a material that will mimic your foot shape through wear. Think of it like a compression material that will stretch around your foot, but won’t overstretch as you wear it.

The only negative on this one is the price tag, where players are going to need to be certain about wanting a pair before investing such a large sum.

Pele Sports 1970 Breakdown

Pele Sports 1970

Category: Heritage
Price: $27 – $205

The Pele Sports brand is no longer around, but there are still some boots knocking about in the 1970 series that definitely deserve to be included on this list. The shape of the boot is slightly longer than traditional boots and when coupled with an extraordinary leather upper that has undergone an incredible 150 separate processing steps, you get a fit ready to mold to a wider fit. Plus, take a look at the price – pending your size, you can easily pick up an absolute bargain that is well worth gambling on!

Just to note, this covers both the 1970 and 1962 boots, both of which are currently avaiable. The 1970 is the high-tier option, with the 1962 being the mid-tier.

Asics DS Light - Wide Fit

Asics DS Light Wide Fit

Category: Heritage
Price: $134.99

There is one option on the list that is specifically designed for wide fitting has the Asics DS Light 6 in all sizes available, and given the comfort level offered by the range they are a boot that must be considered. From experience, I rate the DS Light series as some of the best boots on the market, especially when it comes to the low-profile conical stud configuration, which is a perfect compliment for use on both FG and AG surfaces.

Nike Hypervenom II Review

Nike Hypervenom Phantom

Category: Agility
Price: Hypervenom – $224.99 or the Hypervenom II – $274.99

This one actually covers two boot; the original Hypervenom and the recently released Hypervenom II. Both boots are very accommodating width wise. Nike has definitely tailored the fit to suit a wider variety of players. From a technical perspective, this is one of the more advanced options on the list – you simply need to decide if you want to invest such a large sum in a new pair.

Diadora DD-NA 2

Diadora DD-NA GLX 2

Category: Speed
Price: $149.99

When it comes to speed boot options, Diadora has the most accommodating option currently available on the market. The DD-NA is acceleration ready, with the SuprellPro3L synthetic upper providing a wide fit from first wear. There is little stretch in the material, so how they fit from first wear is what you expect to experience through the life of the boot.

Wave Ignitus Blue

Mizuno Wave Ignitus 3

Category: Power
Price: $149.99

Not the widest fitting boot on this list, but there is definitely a more spacious fit about the Wave Ignitus than the remaining power boots on the market. It is a dieing category, as brands switch to lighter, more agility focused boots. The Nike T90 Laser series was the top wide fitting option for the longest time, and its retirement has never really been filled. As it stands, the Wave Ignitus 3 is the best option of its type for players that want to keep things somewhat similar. There is a lot of technology included in the forefoot of these boots, so the size from first wear is what you should expect through its lifespan.


Other Options – Your Feedback

We want to hear your thoughts on wide fitting boots and any experiences you have had with boots (good or bad). What you have to offer is sure to prove beneficial to other players looking for advice.

What boots would be your top recommended option for players who have wide feet?


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