Kickasso adiZero f50 – “Cinco De Mayo” Limited Edition

Kickasso F50 adiZero

In case you missed them this morning, WorldSoccerShop released a Limited Edition, custom adiZero F50 Kickasso release for Cinco De Mayo. Limited to just 5 pairs, they sold out in just 6 minutes – so it is likely that you might not have even seen the announcement that they were available in the first place!

The design, as you would expect, is pretty epic and befits the title of a limited release. Those that managed the snag a pair will definitely be pleased with them once they are delivered! In order to complete the look, Kickasso took a pair of the Black/Solar Green adiZero f50 and pasted his own personalized style on each boot. There is an obvious homage to Cinco De Mayo, with Mexican colors and graphics applied, but what makes these truly unique is the fact that each pair is not the same as the next.

kickasso adizero

At this point, we are pretty certain that Kickasso releases are going to continue being released on significant holiday dates. Take for example the recent St. Patrick’s Day Superfly. If that is the case and you want a pair, you are going to have to stay glued to theWSS Twitter Page to ensure you get details on when they will release.  And of course, if I do get there in time I will share details on when they are set to be released also!

Finally, what are you thoughts on this design and how much would you pay to get your hands on a pair of Kickasso custom boots?

Kickasso Cinco De Mayo adiZero


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