The newly released adidas Gloro is an absolute testament to the heritage boot. While it has some modern features, the boot retains most of the characteristics of classic boots.

adidas Gloro - football boots

adidas Gloro - football boots collection

The Gloro can be labelled as a direct competitor to the Nike Premier and also as a bridge  between the modern 11Pro and the classic Copa Mundial.

adidas Gloro - Core Black / Red

The adidas Gloro packs a K-Leather forefoot vamp with premium stitched construction laid out in a classic style.

Six colours will be available across all regions eventually, featuring either a Core Black or White upper, with either Red, Yellow, Blue, Green or Black as a contrast pop on some of the more interesting elements.

adidas Gloro - White / Core Black

There is that classic foldover tongue and the accompanying elastic strap. Many of the most popular Adidas Predator models also feature that tongue. The signature three stripes are also in white or black, which adds a classic touch to the range, and I absolutely support such a move.


Whilst the forefoot is natural leather, the rear quarter is a synthetic. Why? Well, adidas are following the trend that most heritage releases follow these days.

By creating the half of the boot least likely to touch the ball out of synthetic, they help drive down the weight, improve stabilisation, can layer up other materials for comfort and perforate it to help breathability.

adidas Gloro - Core Black / White - Soleplate

As for the soleplate, it is similar to that of the 11Pro, but as you can see, it is not transparent, unlike that of the 11Pro. By going with a single density construction instead of a two-layer design, adidas help keep the Gloro wallet-friendly, whilst also maximising durability.



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