Adidas Black Pack Released

New Adidas Black Pack

Each boot of the new Adidas Black Pack is completely black with a unique design drawing inspiration from the designs worn by knights in the late Middle Ages until the 18th century.

The #ThereWillBeHaters campaign has shaken up the world of football by celebrating the “hate” that the best players are subject to from fans. The best players know that their performances stimulate “hate” from fans and opponents, particularly on social media. This then becomes the fuel which drives even greater performances. They thrive off it – and they make no apology in doing so.

F50 Blackout

Adidas adiZero F50: The new “Fleur de Lisse” design is inspired by French knights. The 360 degree 3D dribbletex layer on the upper allows for better speed dribbling in wet or dry conditions while the grip texture, stud configuration and second level of traction inspired by track spikes on the forefoot base provide maximum maneuverability.

Predator Blackout

Predator Instinct: Features a Tudor Rose inspired by British Knights. The 3D engineered SL rubber zones, combined with the engineered gel pad, provide optimal grip on the ball and an enhanced capability for precision passing, while the revolutionary control frame provides ultimate contact with the ball, ultimately giving you the most control possible.

Nitrocharge Blackout

Nitrocharge: Incorporates design elements from the renaissance in a striking new look. Energy-sling technology has been used alongside an increased area of protection pads and protection mesh to provide unrivaled stability. The perfect boot for “The Engine”, box-to-box, all-action player.

11Pro Blackout

11Pro: Features a design inspired by Ottoman Janissary. The skeleton in the heel and forefoot offers a perfect fit and increased stability. The comfort outsole also features a comfort frame which distributes pressure across the shoe, while new smaller studs provide perfect ground penetration and reduced stud pressure.

All four boots feature their own individual look and have been revamped to suit traditionalists that love the performance of modern boots. Each takes ownership of its own medieval type design, with stylish graphical prints layered across the upper of each boot. Press release images give us an idea of how they are styled, but it is the in person effect where the design can only truly be appreciated!

You are simply left with the decision to choose the pair that matches your playing style best!

Find all four boots currently available at

Adidas Black Pack Detailing


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