Nike recently released 333 pairs of the Rare Gold Superfly Ivs for none other than Cristiano Ronaldo. The boots were given to him to commemorate his latest Ballon d’Or victory. This has made me think: since 333 pairs is considered rare, why not look at the boots that were released in numbers not exceeding 100? Well, enjoy.

In recent memory, we’ve seen PUMA drop the Alexander McQueen (only 100 released), the evoSPEED Hublot, and only 6 pairs of the Balotelli Stampa. Each of the PUMA releases has a story, they have a connection to either historic moments, historic brands, or a player that makes historically extreme choices. Boots that PUMA, by giving them a story and making them so exclusive, created history. The epitome of super limited releases.

In contrast to PUMA, adidas took advantage of their biggest stars and their biggest boot to create their super limited boots. Six pairs of gold F50 adizeros to commemorate James Rodriguez’s six goals to clinch the 2014 World Cup Golden Boot and 27 pairs to showcase Messi’s birthday. How great of a player must you be to get a 27 boot release to commemorate your birthday? Yaya Toure didn’t even get a cake, or was so rumoured, because he did actually get 2.

Some description

Some description

Adidas know how to take advantage of big moments, but the boots that left everyone’s mouths watering were the nostalgia-soaked Predator Instinct Tongue and Instinct Eyes. The Predator Tongue holds sway in more boot minds than almost any other aspect of any other boot… and adidas brought it back as the main event for their adidas barrage of 2014. Couple it with the Instinct Eyes, and adidas kicked off the Pred 20th anniversary with a beautiful bang, though both boots were exclusively collector items and not for retail.

Some description

Some description

For Nike, it’s been all about pushing their prized asset into Special Edition boots that commemorate CR7’s biggest achievements. While some of us may never even see one of these boots in real life, we would love to see Nike do something special for something beside the Portuguese wonder. Still, the Swoosh does seem to save some of their most show-stopping numbers for whenever they launch a boot in limited quantities.

If CR7 is any inclination, we should definitely look for some sub-100 boot launches for the future face of Nike when it comes to Neymar… there can be no doubt that the young Brazilian is Nike’s planned replacement for the massive gap that Ronaldo will leave when he retires (roughly around the age of 40, with 4 Ballon d’Ors and 12 signature underwear ranges). My personal favourite in terms of design is the white Mercurial vapor IX with a gold soleplate, as the picture below this paragraph to the right shows.

Some description

It’s a world even more exclusive than the people who are able to bring these bad boys home. The super limited releases achieve things in the equipment world that nothing else ever comes close to… while some may get a high price tag upon launch, only super limited releases see their value sometimes multiply by ten as soon as the boot has sold out. With that, I conclude this piece.


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