miadidas Range Gets ‘Haters’ Update

miadidas Haters Update 2015

After Premium and ‘Camo’ updates in the past, adidas have lined up something fresh for miadidas to line up alongside the #ThereWillBeHaters campaign.

The Three Stripes’ premium customisable football boots service has undergone a minor revamp in functionality, alongside the inclusion of the new f50 and 11pro, alongside the established Predator Instinct and Nitrocharge.

adidas are calling on players to make a statement with some customised cleats during the course of the campaign and, we’ve got to admit, some of the designs they’ve whipped up have us tempted.

The ‘Ghost’ upper print on the new f50 adizero seems to lend itself well to just about any colour option, whilst the 50/50 split on the upper of the new 11pro certainly throws up some exciting colourway possibilities.

The Predator Instinct has also a new ‘striped’ camo option, which definitely adds a new dimension of aggressiveness if you’re feeling daring.


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