Under Armour Clutchfit Force | Hi-Vis / Escape

Under Armour Clutchfit Force - High Vis / Escape

Under Armour are giving their excellent Clutchfit Force a refresh for the business end of the season with this eye-catching new Hi Vis / Escape colourway.

Sticking with Under Armour’s now-set style for the Clutchfit Force, the baselayer giants have given their lead football boots for this season a stylish fade from toe-to-heel in the stylish ‘Escape’ blue, whilst the Hi-Vis yellow underpins the whole design.

The scheme also extends to the soleplate, and all the Under Armour branding is picked out in black – because any other colour would look ridiculous on a Hi-Vis boot, right?

Under Armour Clutchfit Force - High Vis / Escape - Upper

If you’re not familiar with the Clutchfit Force, then it’s well worth checking out the specs on this unique football boots.

Rather than pigeonholing these football boots into a ‘power’ or ‘speed’ style category, the Under Armour Clutchfit Force puts comfort and the needs of the player first, then builds around that.

The upper is a two-way-strech Trivella microfibre. Forget the fancy moniker, what this really means is that Under Armour have engineered the boot to stretch with the foot, allowing players to lace them tight, without causing cramping

Under Armour Clutchfit Force - High Vis / Escape - Sole

But how do you make sure the boot keeps it’s shape? Well, that’s the job of the rubberised, 3D-print cage you see making up the second layer.

This more-resistive part of the upper works with the lacing system to keep the foot locked in during play, and also has the added benefit of boosting control on the ball.

You might also notice that the soleplate is very unique – designed to mimic and support the bones of the foot, it helps the Clutchfit Force have a responsive, adaptable ride, with solid FG traction.


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