Umbro’s Super-Powered Velocita Launch Video: #GloryForAll

Umbro's Super-Powered Velocita Launch Video - #GloryForAll

As the speed boot is still rocking from the launch of the Umbro Velocita, the Double-Diamond of Manchester are demonstrating the capabilities of their new release with their ‘Glory for All’ launch video.

As with their last campaign – For the Love of Boots for the UX-1 – Umbro once again seem to be taking a slightly tongue-in-cheek approach to advertising their new football boots.

You can find out what we mean, here:

As you can see players are blowing up left and right, the ground is exploding, the ball is on fire…then exploding – it’s all gleefully over-the-top stuff from the Umbro boys, and we love it.


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