Umbro Velocita – #GloryForAll

Umbro Velocita

After revealing the ever-excellent new Speciali this time last year, and the spectacular UX-1 in time for the Summer, Umbro are attempting to nail down the one thing they’ve never truly managed as a brand – a truly top-tier speed boot.

This is the Umbro Velocita – a truly top-tier speed boot.

Umbro Velocita - Profile

Tipping the scales at 165g, the Umbro Velocita is the single-lightest football boot ever to come out of Umbro’s HQ in Manchester, and is equipped – not just to be a acceleration boosting, direction-changing turf-chewer – but also a complete game-changer for the brand.

After the Umbro GT and GeoFLARE missed the mark a little when it came to lightweight speed, Umbro have clearly nixed everything that was associated with Umbro ‘speed’ releases in the past and have designed the Velocita from the ground up.

Born between the Umbro design labs in the North of England and the proving grounds of the University of Loughborough sports labs, Velocita is the single most tested boot Umbro have put out to date, with every facet of the shoe designed to be stripped back without compromising comfort.

Every element of the boot has been laboured over, down to the laces which have been flattened akin to runner’s spikes.

The outsole is built for ‘fast’ speed in all directions, improving agility by mimicking natural foot motion and traction with a unique Umbro stud configuration.

Umbro Velocita - Soleplate

Despite being one of the lightest boots on the market, comfort has not been made a casualty.

Internal padding around the Achilles area offers a snug fit and protection and the external heel counter is made of tough yet flexible Pebax material.

Umbro have created an all-new proprietary upper material for the Velocita, with a golf-ball style dimple texture helping to boost friction on the ball and the aerodynamic look of the boot.

Not only that, but Umbro have engineered a level of elasticity into the upper, giving it an excellent, adaptable fit.

Umbro have also looked to cut down on stitching whereever possible, too – helping give a sleek, uninterrupted look but also improve comfort.

The A-Frame cradle has been heat-welded into place, linking the soleplate with the lacing system for a lockdown fit.

Umbro have also bestowed a unique soleplate onto the Velocita. A mix of conical and diamond shaped studs offer up stability in the back and lateral side of the boot and rotational freedom under the ball of the foot.

You might also notice the mechanical flex that Umbro have engineered into the shoe, helping ease break in and increase responsiveness.

Is the Umbro Velocita a boot for you?

Drop me a comment and let me know!


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