Best Boots You Can Find for Under $50

As soccer cleats seem to continuously push the limits on performance, they also seem to push the limits on our budgets. With certain models costing a good deal over $200, it seems that those looking for decent boots for a fraction of that price have less and less options. So to simplify the bargain hunters search for the perfect boots at the right price, we have compiled a the ultimate list of suitable deals that can be found for under a mere $50. Our top choices for for even less for those who aren’t willing to pay even that lofty sum can also be found (less than $40). Additionally, there are also a few models that you may want to steer away from that are noted as well.

Best Boots For Under $50

Puma evoSPEED 1.2 L Profile

When the Evospeed 1.2 was originally released, it retailed at $199.99. They feature a supple calf leather upper and are designed for speed. They weigh in at 7.7 ounces and were worn by a great deal of professional players as well when they were in their prime. They have been well tested and many have found them to be very high performing in reviews.

Puma King 2013 Review

Another boot from Puma that simply has been discounted due to time is the Puma King FG (2013). Based on many other review sites, this boot has really high quality.

Best Boots For Under $40

Puma Spirit

Although this deal may not be as desirable as the Puma King’s price of $44.99, the Spirit is still a reasonably priced mid-range model. Originally retailing at $99.99, the Spirit shares some of the same high performing qualities with the King.

Pele 1970 Soleplate

Pele Sports boots are now being sold off at ridiculously low prices due to the brand’s troubles. Both models feature very high quality leather and undergo treatment to prolong the durability.

Lotto Stadio Primato (a)

The Lotto Stadio Primato used to be the go to model for bargain hunters. It featured high quality kangaroo leather similar to the Copa Mundial. Although it can’t be found on sites such as anymore for under $30, you can still find decently priced ones on eBay for under $40.

Boots to Avoid

Any of the lowest end takedown boots from Nike or Adidas should be avoided at all costs. They generally cost the same as some of the other boots found above but are lacking in performance. Most boots like these suffer from poor synthetics. Also, stay away from the “Walmart Quality Cleats” as they are also usually bulky and have poor synthetics.

Don’t let the names fool you, these takedown versions are mere replicas of their high end counterparts. They share none of the same high performance qualities and still retail at $40 and $50 respectively. I would recommend considering other options such as the ones listed above before turning to these boots.

Although these boots fill the intended niche for junior sized boots or amateur first timers, there are better models available for the same price


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