Guess What Gareth Bale Has Been Wearing This Week?

Gareth Bale Next Generation adiZero F50

It is getting ever closer – the release of the next generation Adidas adiZero F50. We brought you some initial details on the upcoming speed boot earlier this week, with players receiving their pairs in preparation for next weekends official release. It is always nice to have a new pair at least a week in advance to really get them broken in and as a feature player, it only makes sense to see Gareth Bale sporting his pair right now.

Adding to the appeal,  adidas has decked Bale in what seems to be his own personalized style pair – these boots look absolutely delicious. As opposed to other players who have been wearing the expected Red release version, Bale is sporting an ultra clean White design, with an interesting speckled Black pattern covering portions of the upper.

Bale in adiZero 2015

Up Close With Bale adiZero f50

We are likely to see players wearing the new adiZero F50 in action this weekend, but official release is not slated until next week. That gives me some additional time to drool over the potential performance characteristics of the boot. We know there will be like a snakeskin design that features some definition and texture, and that the soleplate will offer some twists and turns (a tri-stud heel configuration!) so there is a lot to be excited about.

Images via Real Madrid


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